One Last Thing (For Now) at The Old Red Lion Theatre nominated for an Off-West-End Award for Best Ensemble!

Here are some a few selected reviews:

"A beautiful tapestry of love stories, which proves that neither time, language nor borders can distract from true passion, and the passion of the cast is in overflowing abundance for this timeless piece of theatre..." 
★★★★★ Theatre Weekly

"A must-see production that really gets to the heart of what it means to be human with all our flaws, fears and of course the love that we are capable of providing to those who are closest to us..." 
★★★★★ Love London Love Culture

"Moving, thought provoking and entertaining, this is a great piece of storytelling..." 
★★★★ London Pub Theatres

"The dynamic stories of One Last Thing (For Now) captured the essence of the heartache of parting with loved ones during a time of war..."
★★★★ LondonTheatre1

‘Put on a show born from passion, with limited budget, spend wisely, use a great production team, and you might just create a show like this one! This is the way to do it!’
​★★★★ ​
Theatre Reviews

‘Every single member of the cast gives an engaging and convincing performance, transporting the audience into their war-torn world’
Mind The Blog

"[Lilac] Yosiphon’s tactile direction leaves us with some memorable images..."
Exeunt Magazine

‘Yosiphon has engineered moments of satisfying beauty both visual and emotive.’
​ ​
Live Theatre UK​

"Imaginative and passionate – a super-charged show..." 
Entertainment Focus

‘One Last Thing (For Now) burns brightest when both the love letters and the framework of wartime serve as entry points for the play’s broader investment in shared humanity.’
A Younger Theatre

‘A memorable and undeniably powerful portrayal of the universal human emotions that hold us all together, even in the worst of times and circumstances.’
The Blog of Theatre Things

‘Bold and beautiful theatre; a show you could watch many times, finding something new each time’
Fairy Powdered Productions