"A must-see production that really gets to the heart of what it means to be human with all our flaws, fears and of course the love that we are capable of providing to those who are closest to us..." 
★★★★★ Love London Love Culture

Performed at the Old Red Lion Theatre, London - March 7th-25th, 2017
An officer in Russia cannot bear to tell a woman, far away in Wales, that her husband had died. Instead, he writes her love letters pretending to be him. A woman in London awaits a letter that will never come while another skypes love messages to her boyfriend in Afghanistan. Elsewhere, a soldier addresses his last letter to his former teacher who refused to join the army. And a hundred years ago, a woman wants to send her touch to her husband, so she cuts off her hand, puts it in an envelope, and goes on a journey to the other side of the world to deliver it herself.

Inspired by love letters written during war time across different cultures and languages, One Last Thing (For Now) is a universal look at the words of love against the wounds of war and everything in between.

.... War wounds never quite heal, war letters are never quite forgotten; both just get hidden away by old 
memories and dusty pieces of cloth, waiting to be found....

"A beautiful tapestry of love stories, which proves that neither time, language nor borders can distract from true passion, and the passion of the cast is in overflowing abundance for this timeless piece of theatre..." 
★★★★★ Theatre Weekly

Performed and devised by the ensemble of Althea Theatre
Directed by Lilac Yosiphon

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One Last Thing (For Now) was sampled ​at the Tristan Bates in October 2014 and following that was developed to a ​successful ​rehearsed reading of the full draft at The Arts Theatre in 2015.