Untranslatable preimiered at The Space Theatre on August 2nd 2016 and closed on August 13th

untranslatable. captures the essence of a relationship as a collection of moments shared between lovers before bedtime. The loving moments, the sexy ones, the moments when your partner asks you to believe in unicorns and ghosts, the moments when you wax poetic on your perspective of life and your place in the universe, and the moments when you just want to turn your back and go to sleep.
He’s idealistic, but sometimes humourless and annoyingly flippant. Eloquent and open, he is coming to terms with getting older, and how his expectations of life have changed with age.
She is ambitious, superstitious, and a dreamer. Loyal, but a less enthusiastic communicator, she struggles to use her words to express how she feels, making things difficult when times get tough.
In a time where relationships are formed briefly and casually through Tinder and Whatsapp, this is a portrait of love that isn’t mediated by written words but by shared experience.
As they try and deal with their own commitment issues, grief and loss, the question remains: what are the things that keep us together and what are the things that tear us apart?

2-13th of August at The Space Theatre

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Untranslatable has the confidence to jump back and forth in time and take a closer look at language as a means articulating emotions and concepts that one knows, yet seldom ponder on”

“Althea theatre prompts conversation and the subject matter of this show certainly does that in an exciting way. Untranslatable is heart warming and entirely accessible”

“This is a play for our time, and a reflection on the people we are now that could be examined in the future as a representation of early twenty-first century life… it is very much in keeping with Althea Theatre’s international essence, and you could feel throughout that this play was more than the opportunity to share experience, it was a collaboration of acting, writing, set and tech, and direction that revealed to the audience that everyone involved in its production missed someone, or somewhere.”