'My grandfather has the scent of the road'
London. Tel-Aviv. Paris. Baghdad. English. Hebrew. French. Arabic. Two writers. Two generations. Searching for home.

JERICHO’S ROSE explores the experience of displacement from a dual perspective - a grandfather struggling with Alzheimer’s and an artist struggling to stay in the UK. What happens when neither can remember where they belong?

This innovative and beautiful show invites the audience on a breathtaking journey into the past and present. Fusing new writing, movement, live music and loop pedalled sound to create a unique tapestry of fragmented memories - remembered, forgotten and rediscovered again - Jericho's Rose empowers a stronger dialogue around the subjects of both immigration and dementia.

Jericho's Rose has previously been commissioned by The Northern Stage for Edinburgh Fringe's Here's the News from Over There (2015), The Space Theatre (2016) and Migration Matters Festival (2018).

Dates and Times:
Tuesday Oct 16th - Saturday Nov 3rd, 7:45pm
Running Time: 80 mins (approx)

To book your tickets: http://www.thehopetheatre.com/productions/jerichos-rose/