'My grandfather has the scent of the road'

London. Tel-Aviv. Paris. Baghdad. English. Hebrew. French. Arabic. Two writers. Two generations. Searching for home.

JERICHO’S ROSE explores the experience of displacement from a dual perspective - a grandfather struggling with Alzheimer’s and an artist struggling to stay in the UK. What happens when neither can remember where they belong?

This innovative and beautiful show invited the audience on a breathtaking journey into the past and present. Fusing new writing, movement, live music and looped sound to create a unique tapestry of fragmented memories - remembered, forgotten and rediscovered again - Jericho's Rose empowers a stronger dialogue around the subjects of both immigration and dementia.

Jericho's Rose has previously been commissioned by The Northern Stage for Edinburgh Fringe's Here's the News from Over There (2015), The Space Theatre (2016) and Migration Matters Festival (2018).

★★★★ ‘Jericho’s Rose is a brave and pioneering piece that gets under your skin.’(North West End)

★★★★ ‘Yosiphon is an exciting new talent – both onstage and as a playwright. She is not frightened to push at boundaries as her new play, Jericho’s Rose, demonstrates.’ (Close Up Culture)

★★★★a multi-disciplinary feast for the senses […] Will Monk’s projections create a smoky and frenetic backdrop, melding perfectly to the mood, while Yosiphon blends spoken word with physical movements. This is all presented with an enticingly haunting soundtrack of live music and loop pedalled sound, composed and performed by Sam Elwin. The overall effect is dreamlike and draws you even further in’ (Theatre Weekly)

For those of us privileged enough to have never questioned where we belong, this unique multi-sensory production paints a powerful picture of the trauma of displacement – whether physical or emotional – through the sharing of a very personal and poignant story. Jericho’s Rose is bold, original and invites us to consider themes we may think we understand in a whole new light.’ (The Blog of Theatre Things)

‘Formally adventurous and deeply felt, Jericho’s Rose is full of artistic ambition.’ (Ought to be Clowns)

‘‘Althea Theatre’s Jericho’s Rose tells a story which needs to be told, as it’s one that British- born citizens may not even fully appreciate happens on a daily basis, as well as those of us who have never come across an individual living with Alzheimer’s disease. ‘ (A Younger Theatre)

‘Yosiphon gives a winning performance, flitting from character to character with ease, and her writing has a winding, delicate beauty to it.’ (The Stage)