Cafe Du Theatre, Paris
Photography: Eva Tapiero

"well directed, well written and superbly performed –I have no doubt-there are layers that will still be developed to make Lilac Yosiphon’s first full length play in English-a timeless classic"
David Rumelle for Remotegoat 

"This show communicates an incredibly valuable lesson and one that larger audiences probably need to hear... Yosiphon does a wonderful job of treating serious and difficult matters with a light sense of humour, yet the comedy never overtakes the seriousness of the subject."
There’s No Place Like – A Younger Theatre

The Arts Theatre, London
Photo: Natalya Chagrin
"Deep, meaningful, and pure piece of fringe theatre. Yosiphon gives us a charming and intelligent look at immigration, belonging, charity, and family, with a not-so-happy ending and a lot of provocative thought."
There’s No Place Like – Grumpy Gay Critic

An impressive amount of humour and humility is brought to these culturally and politically important issues of struggling to belong and find an identity for oneself in a world where civil war is rife, immigration necessary and transience of being is not your choice.There’s No Place Like – No-Wave Liverpool 
Arab-Hebrew Theatre, Jaffa

"Yosiphon wrote and performed this play in her second language. Artistry like that is something that if we allow to be lost from our stages will be a true sadness. For all of our wisdom and imagination, being at the heart of another’s shared experience is something tremendous."
-The Northern Powerhouse

Paris Fringe 20