We’ve had a challenging yet exciting few months here at Althea Theatre, not helped by the fact that Lilac had go back to Israel (via Paris) last September- making us a truly international company! 
Our performances of There’s No Place Like and One Last Thing (For Now) in autumn of last year went incredibly well and we had some lovely feedback and support, giving us the impetus to put them on again as soon as possible. So while Lilac was in Paris she worked her magic and got us a short run in January at Le Café du Théâtre of There’s No Place Like. The show went brilliantly and had a lot of interest from Parisian journalists- watch this space for a write up! The last performance was so packed Tom S. and I couldn’t get through the door and had to go and console ourselves with wine instead- it’s a tough life.

So what’s next?

Lilac, being the superwoman she is, has now secured TNPL three dates at a theatre in Israel at the start of March. We’re interested to see what an Israeli audience thinks of the subject matter. How do the themes of immigration, belonging and ‘home’ relate to them, considering the main protagonist, Hannah, is a native Israeli who feels disconnected from her birthplace and who has come to England to find a better life? Whatever the response, we think it’s really important that we bring this show to as many audiences as we can.


Here are a few photos from our Paris run of TNPL:

All images courtesy of Eva Tapiero